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Calling on Congress to Support Restaurants

Restaurants will always be a cornerstone of our communities and essential to our culture. Top Notch Staffing, Inc. is in support of restaurants who are in need of our help to survive. 

Congress is currently considering the RESTAURANTS Act, a bi-partisan proposal that could give restaurants the lifeline they need through a $120 billion grant program meant to aid independent restaurants with paying rent, employees, and bills. We predict that 25 percent of restaurants will close as a result of the pandemic, putting millions of more jobs at risk.  Top Notch Staffing, Inc. is supporting the RESTAURANTS Act because the places we call our homes away from home, the restaurants that give our culture character, the settings where life’s moments happen, are in trouble. It's on all of us to be there for restaurants, who have long been there for us, when they need it the most. 

You can join us by sending a pre-written letter to your local representatives, urging them to pass this vital legislation, and then sharing your support on social media. The Top Notch Staffing, Inc. team will be doing the same alongside you, using our channels to raise awareness for the RESTAURANTS Act. And keep helping restaurants in all the important ways you already are — through socially distanced dining and takeout and delivery.We can’t imagine a world without restaurants. The time is now to gather our efforts and support their future. 

Thank you.

Vartan Dinkjian


Top Notch Staffing, Inc.